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We welcome beginners (with no or minimal previous experience of fencing) of both sexes from age 13 to octogenarians! The first club session attended will be free of charge but after that there is a nightly fee of £6. On your third week you’ll be asked to become a member (see membership page).

Please note that the first Thursday of every month is our handicap foil competition so we ask first visit beginners to avoid this evening because the coaches are occupied in running the competition.

What to wear. We provide jackets, foils and masks. We suggest beginners:-

Wear a T shirt (under the fencing jacket).
Wear strong, flexible trousers. Jeans are better than tracksuit bottoms.
Wear Trainers.
Bring a drink preferably water to maintain hydration – fencing is a thirsty sport!
Refrain from wearing any hair products to maintain the hygiene of masks.
Note that glasses will fit under the mask.

What to expect.

The first visit begins with an introduction to the weapons and equipment and explanation of the safety rules.
Because we are primarily a foil club, the first lessons are for the foil and we encourage staying with the foil until the basic skills of fencing have been learned. It is easier to move on to another weapon from the foil rather than starting with one of the other weapons.
The lesson then introduces the stance, grip, footwork, blade work (both attack and defence) and brief outline of the rules for scoring.
We aim to finish the first visit with a simple bout either between beginners or with an experienced fencer who will carefully introduce the beginner to competition

Further club nights.

A typical club night will start with a warm up followed by class lesson or individual coaching. This will occupy the first hour and all participate; there is no fencing during this period. The second hour is when free fencing between members takes place and this is the time to try out new skills and tactics and have fun! Individual lessons may also be available during this time if members wish to take them.